Mike Lowell lives in fear of Dave Hollins

Philadelphia Phillies Dave Hollins, left, and Florida Marlins Gary Sheffield compare bats during All Star game workouts, Monday, July 12, 1993, Baltimore, Md. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

Dan LeBatard had former Marlin and Red Sox player Mike Lowell on his show this morning. On the topic of fighting, Le Batard asked Lowell to describe somebody who was "an uncommon bad-ass."

After a moment's thought, Lowell excitedly brought up an anecdote about Macho Row third baseman Dave Hollins and described the '93 Phils as "that long-haired crew," who would "party, then beat you up after the game."

Here's audio of the interview:

Here's our best try at transcribing that:

"I got a good one: Dave Hollins. Phillly guy. Buddy of mine. Went to school with Pat Burrell. We were gonna meet after a game and he was taking Dave Hollins home to the visiting hotel. We had won; the Marlins had won by a run. And he was trying to make small talk, and he's like, 'Hey, tough game, tough double in the seventh when we scored two runs.' And through the rearview mirror, Pat Burrell is telling me 'Do NOT talk anymore... Dave Hollins is, like, jet pissed right now.' And this was like April 20, Phillies-Marlins, Tuesday night, means nothing. Just like, ultimate intensity guy, and wanted to rip your head off. So yeah, I'd say I wouldn't want to run into Dave Hollins."