Mike Ditka swears he could have changed history

Mike Ditka could have changed things, guys. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Chicago Bears legend and Kicking and Screaming co-star Mike Ditka has said that if he had done things differently, Barack Obama wouldn't be president.

When a seat in the Illinois Senate opened up in 2004, Ditka considered running. Citing his "busy schedule," he decided against it. Obama won the seat, and eventually went on to become president.

Had Ditka decided to be a senator instead of starring in a soccer comedy with Will Farrell, the government shutdown wouldn't be a thing, maybe. Ditka says that if he had run, he "probably" would have won, and Obama wouldn't president, and we wouldn't have all these problems America has.

But here we are.

Somewhere, in some other alternate timeline, the admittedly "ultra-ultra-conservative" Ditka is a politician, operating in a non-shutdown government, chomping a cigar, and having a robot's body, maybe, because why not.