Mike Ditka says next Chicago team to win it all will be the White Sox

The Chicago Bears came within one game of the playoffs this season. With their quarterback locked up for seven more years, and two receiving weapons in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey, the Bears can continue to contend in a division the rivaled the NFC East in weakness this past season.

And that is why former Bears coach and Chicago sports icon Mike Ditka believes the White Sox will be the next Windy City team to win it all.

"It’s not easy to win a championship, you know. People take it for granted. The Cubs haven’t won a championship for a long time. And unless they improve the caliber of players, they won’t. The White Sox have been close, and they’re getting better. The Bulls, everything was based on Michael [Jordan] for a long time, but now it’s a different situation. There are so many good basketball teams now. If I had to pick one [long pause], it would be the White Sox."

--Mike Ditka

The last place, 63-99 White Sox; who were one botched fly ball away from 100 losses in 2013.

There's spot-on analysis all the way through. The Cubs? They neede better players. The Bulls? They need Michael Jordan. Other teams? They exist.

A more accurate description of "[long pause]" may be "the time it took Ditka to close GeneralChicagoSportsInfo.net and click send."