Mets trade Marlon Byrd on day of Marlon Byrd t-shirt giveaway

Hunter Pence was traded to the Giants with a crate full of Hunter Pence bobbleheads waiting for dispersal. Charlie Manuel was fired the afternoon before a celebration of his 1,000th managerial win.

So it's nice that 'poor timing' isn't just a 'Phillies' thing.

The Mets made a move today, trading Harvey-comforter John Buck and volcanic Marlon Byrd to the Pirates in exchange for a shortstop. A good move, made with the future of the club in mind, but one that doesn't exactly sync up with tonight's giveaway at Citi Field.

Roster moves aren't an exact science anyway. If a GM was genuinely taking souvenir giveaways into account before making a move, he would be probably the worst GM in the history of one guy in a suit dictating the location of many other guys in uniforms.