Mets, Jay-Z meet for secret Robinson Cano discussion

PICTURED: an unedited image of Cano and Jay-Z totally together, in the same place. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon, left, and Kathy Willens, File)

Robinson Cano is the big free agent on the market this offseason, and with an asking price of 10 years/$310 million, he is primed to weigh down somebody's payroll like the 310 million-pound elephant in the room, who hasn't hit under .300 since 2008 and hasn't missed more than three games since 2006.

Naturally, there's not a team who wouldn't want an elephant like that in their lineup. The issue is, you know. All that money. Cano signed on with Jay-Z's agency company, and, rejecting his qualifying offer (7 years, $24 million a year) from the Yankees, he plans on getting paid for his elite talent. 

Any team that sticks its nose into this will make headlines, but right now, it was the Mets, who apparently had a secret meeting with Jay-Z to discuss the notion of Cano putting on a blue and orange uniform in 2014.

However, it was Jay-Z who called the meeting, and - whoops-se-daisy, look how easily it leaked to the press, where the Yankees can see it. Darn. 

If this were a real thing, the Mets wouldn't have much more than a jar of change to make the rest of their offseason moves.

The New York Post reacted as rationally as the New York Post does about these things.