Meanwhile, Shane Victorino is MLB AL Player of the Week

Missin' you, Shane. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

It's been a draining week of MLB proceedings, nicely summed up in this terrifically sad tweet from Jayson Stark.

Lots of lawyers - the way this game was designed.

Not only has all of baseball been in a lull, the Phillies have lost an astounding five in a row following a trade deadline in which their team in need of something did nothing at all. All the while, former Phillies are tearing it up, like Nate Schierholtz, who has an .827 OPS and is currently fourth on the Cubs in hits and third in RBI.

Beloved Shane Victorino has been named the AL Player of the Week, for obvious reasons, given his stats in the last seven days:

Last 7 days 30 26 7 12 3 2 6 1 2 .462 .500 .808 1.308 21 2 1 .435
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Generated 8/5/2013.

No stolen bases or triples though, as the Flyin' Hawaiian appears to be a bit more grounded. But the award comes just days after Shane was just being a classy dude on Twitter, too.

Times like this, it's nice to just look at your roster and remember there are guys like this on it.

If you're the Red Sox, I mean.

It doesn't end there, though - despite the Nationals underwhelming all season long, they aren't without a few bright spots who used to wear pinstripes, either.