McCoy goes down with hamstring injury

Shady McCoy, Shady McCoy-ing a guy. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

UPDATE: McCoy was listed as "good to go" by Chip Kelly, and has returned to action in the second half.

After several running plays in a row that experts have deemed "sick," LeSean McCoy went down in the second quarter.

Clutching his right hamstring and visibly saying "My hammy," McCoy had seven carries on the day for 37 yards and a touchdown, as well as a 49-yard reception from Nick Foles (Who, in Shady's absence, is now the in-game rushing leader with three carries for 19 yards).

McCoy left the field under his own power and has remained on the sideline being attended by trainers. Whether it's a cramp or a strain is not determined, but his return is "questionable," as is the Eagles' offense without him.

Meanwhile, things aren't much easier on the other side of the ball...