Marlins go from punching bag to sexy new pick

Maybe it's their bullpen's 0.40 ERA. Maybe it's Giancarlo Stanton's 12 RBI in 32 PA. Maybe it's Jose Fernandez, allowing eight hits and one run in two starts for an ERA of 0.71 - and 17 K's to his puny pair of allowed walks.

Maybe it's the colorful uniforms. Maybe people are just bored. This is baseball, after all.

But all it took was a few days into the season for people to start coming around on what some executives weren't even considering a team just two years ago. The first place Marlins are 5-2 and sit at the top of the putrid NL East, leading to the trending of the team's first compliments since 2003.

Naturally, the national analysts aren't going to miss a chance to get in on the action.

That's the Maimi Marlins, your 10th most powerful MLB team. Of course, Buster may just be trying to get some attention due to his own plummeting in the power ranker power rankings.