Mark Trumbo mistaken for Italian baseball player

PICTURED: No one Italian. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

The World Baseball Classic will be getting MLB players out of spring training in a manner of days, as they suit up to represent their home countries on the global baseball stage.

It's like the Olympics, but with just one sport, and sort of intrusive to that sport's professional schedule.

But it's still an honor to be asked to join the roster of your nation's squad. With MLB as internationally versatile an organization as it is, there are numerous players departing from Florida and Arizona to spend some time making their country proud.

From the Phillies, Phillippe Aumont will be donning Canada's colors. Jimmy Rollins is the starting U.S. shorstop. Chooch was primed to catch for Panama, but they sadly did not qualify.

The Phils aren't the only team with players getting the call from their native land. Mark Trumbo of the Angels was requested by the Italian team to join the back-to-back European Champions.

Only one problem, though.

You admire Trumbo for his integrity. Some of us would not be so honorable to restrain ourselves from defrauding an entire country for a chance at whatever an Italian post game buffet spread looks like.