Mariano Rivera makes last appearance before being shipped up to big baseball farm upstate

+ Amid friends and tears, Mariano Rivera made his last Yankee Stadium entrance last night. Some people really cared.

And some people were not impressed.

We also finally found out who our big, sloppy MLB goodbye would be to in 2014, as Bud Selig announced his plans to retire, again, in January 2015.

+ Brad is going to have to retire again so all the teams can give him presents.

+ Sam Bradford didn’t even need to look at the plays in the Rams’ playbook to know there wasn’t an answer among them.


+ Brian Wilson caused a scene yesterday when he approached the owner of his former team, Larry Baer, and yelled at him from the field. Whether it was about his still not received 2012 World Series ring, or using his image in video montages at AT&T Park, we don’t know, but Wilson did accomplish his presumed goal of having people’s attention, again.

+ “Guess what, bro?” somebody asks Padres rookie Chris Robinson after his first Major League hit, a three-run home run. The answer is of course “ you’re being drenched with a variety of clubhouse fluids.”

+ You know what might actually get people to come to Jaguars games? Free beer. That wasn't sarcasm. That could do it.

+ It's a historic year for the NFL. Not only is Tom Brady the first quarterback to ever have 100 more wins than losses (139-39), but last night's 49ers-Rams game was the first ever to end in a score of 35-11.