Marc Summers headed to Fenway with nothing but a song in his pocket

Game show host Marc Summers is making the trip up to Fenway, darn it, for this potentially, hopefully, final World Series Game. So charmed by the Sox, Summers is trekking up north with nothing but a dream. And that dream involves World Series tickets. And maybe a suite.

Summers hosted Double Dare on Nickelodeon. Here he is overseeing a balloon-stuffing contest in the sort of pure televised mayhem you don't see anybody do on TV anymore outside of the Housewives of This Sad Place We Found. Where is he traveling from? What does her travel for?

These and other mysteries matter not as Summers takes to the road, whistling a tune and hoping for the best. He's the Moonlight Graham of wanting to watch baseball. The young version. Not Burt Lancaster. God speed, Marc.

God speed.