Manuel confirms Utley will miss three weeks

Chase Utley's injury time table has been slightly ambiguous as always. All we know is that he is necessary to the Phillies' success, and at the moment, they don't have him due to an oblique injury suffered during batting practice.

During an interview this morning with MLB Network Radio, Charlie Manuel confirmed that Utley would be out for three weeks.

In that time, the Phillies will play the Red Sox, Brewers, Marlins, Twins, and Rockies. It is a favorable stretch for a team with a hot-hitting veteran second baseman, but may be more of a challenge without Utley to stabilize the offense.

The recent emergence and acknowledgment of Domonic Brown could prove useful, and there is always the hope that David Ortiz's hitting secrets to Ryan Howard really did unlock a power-burst in the slugger.

But in the mean time, we'll have to keep hoping Cliff Lee is pitching every night.