Manny returns to stateside ball

Slugger Manny Ramirez talks to media at the airport in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Friday, June 21, 2013, before departing to the United States. Ramirez is leaving Taiwan after playing for the Rhinos for three months, saying he will work out in the United States and hopes to play again in the major leagues. Ramirez also said he would consider offers to play in Japan. (AP Photo)

It's going to take more than a failed drug test, retirement, and injury to keep Manny Ramirez out of baseball, obviously.

Here's hoping you weren't completley sick of that delightful "Manny Being [adjective that may or may not rhyme with 'Manny']" meme, because it will undoubtedly resurface. Manny has been keeping quiet in Taiwan, building an immense fanbase with his theatrics and mammoth home runs. In 49 games, he's hammered a .352 batting average and eight dingers, to the excitement of a hunderously applauding crowd.

Now, it seems enough time has passed for him to be considered by an MLB team again, and this time, that team is the Rangers. Opting out of his deal with the Chinese Professional Baseball League's EDA Rhinos on June 15, he will have to prove himself at triple A before being promoted to what will presumably be a DH gig.

Manny had asked for reinstatement back into MLB this previous offseason, which he was granted, and tooled around in the Athletics' training camp and minor league system before asking for his deal to be terminated and jetting to Taiwan.