Manning beats Manning in Manning Bowl III

+ You’re right, Eli does have more Super Bowl rings than Peyton. Maybe they’ll be on his fingers as he sobs into his hands after his older brother gives him a noogie on national television for the third straight time.

+ Just another wordless exchange between two men who would like to kick and punch each other.

+ The Red Sox poet laureate wrote a poem to Mariano Rivera! UPDATE: There is no cursing, threats, or cut-out letters from a magazine, so, whatever. Also, the Red Sox have a poet laureate.

+ Two debatable calls set the Cardinals up nice and good against the Lions, and all the referees wanted was a bit of recognition.

+ The Seahawks, in the middle of a simultaneous undercover security sting/attempt at creating the most noise ever, somehow found themselves distracted.

+ The Braves continued their motonously successful march to the post season with a loss, just to keep things sane. Things got a little less so after the game when the rookies were forced to dress in women’s bathing suits and all the reporters just stood there, snapping pictures.

+ Brandon Phillips could have just gone back to the dugout after his sacrifice bunt, but instead, he chose to make Yuniesky Betancourt’s day a little cooler. Good on you, Brandon.

+ This Wednesday, you can get into Fenway Park for $1, if you have beard. Now, before you go giving yourself a buzz cut and gluing the trimmings to your face, you should know that fake beards are eligible for the discount as well. So I guess, go ahead and do that, actually.

+ Things were going pretty well for Joey Votto this weekend.