MLB is real dang close to that instant reply we've heard about, says Joe Torre

The Major League Baseball logo. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

The ban on collisions at home plate is "likely." 

The usage of instant replay is "very close."

If baseball keeps this sort of progressive thinking up, they won't even be the most ridiculously archaic sport anymore! It's like Bud Selig already left. He hasn't, though. And he never will, no matter what he says.

Yes, Joe Torre announced that instant replay is coming for baseball, something that many figured was inevitable, but sure did take its time getting here. Many questions remain: How many replays will each team get per game? How many will the Yankees get? How will it not slow the game down? Will the camera be separate from the robot umps, or implanted into their heads?

We do know not every play will be eligible to be replayed, and the system was inspired by the NFL's flag-tossing protocol for play challenges (which has existed for many years but only recently inspired someone in MLB).

Or they could just try to put Joe West in every game and have him do his usual "anything he wants."