MLB Network brings on Ibanez, Harrelson

The MLB post season traditionally turns fiery players into temporary analysts, so that they may channel their fury from the obscurance of baseball to something where the things they say and do are much clearer and visible.

Ozzie Guillen has been there; Pedro Martinez was asked this season. MLB Network just announced the honored guests at this year's table.

Reigning Nicest Guy Ever Raul Ibanez made the team, but the more appropriate selection is White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson. Nobody throws a tantrum like Hawk. The White Sox are nowhere near the playoffs, so he may be a bit more reserved, but that's like turning a 15 down to 11.

There have been good times, sure, but shockingly, he and Harold Reynolds are the last people who think sabermetrics is the devil

We just need to hope there's a horrible blown call that costs somebody everything to get the full Hawk effect.