Lipton Tea brands the wave, will now ask fans to do it at baseball games

Fans do the wave at a Cincinnati Reds game in June. (Al Behrman/AP)

Lipton, now the official iced tea of Major League Baseball after Monday's Home Run Derby, is going to encourage you to do the wave at baseball games for the rest of the season.

The tea company will use PA announcements and video board graphics to try and start what they're calling "The Lipton Rally Wave" throughout baseball's second half.

“We thought about the fan experience and we looked at the wave and kind of considered it that quintessential time when every fan connects in a shared way," Marc Hanson, marketing director for the Pepsi Lipton Partnership, said to Sports Business Daily. "To us, it felt like sharing iced tea at home."

The inaugural branded wave started at Monday's Derby, with the mascots in attendance trying to get fans going.

The wave is great for youngsters at baseball games with their parents and/or grandparents, but it is probably not the "quintessential time when every fan connects" at a ball game.

In fact, one of the only good things about the wave, if there are any, is the spontaneity of it. And Lipton is taking that away by scheduling it.

Do you like doing the wave at sporting events?

  • 30 (14.4%)
  • 22 (10.6%)
  • 156 (75.0%)
  • 208

Keep an eye out at Phillies games throughout the rest of the season, because it isn't going to be some group in a random section that gets the wave going to annoy you. It's going to be Lipton bugging you on the video board to stand up and sit down, while drinking their delicious iced tea.