Leafs-Sabres brawl ends in goalie fight

+ The Maple Leafs and Sabres mistook a meaningless preseason game for a intense playoff elimination game worthy of bloodletting this weekend. There were guys coming off the bench (that’s a 10-game suspension when the season starts), guys whacking at each other with their sticks, and, the best part, a goalie-fight.

+ Baseball was delayed in Oakland this weekend after intense rain and then hope in humanity was delayed when the visitors’ dugout became flooded with human feces. The lucky team to next occupy it was the hapless Twins whose manager Ron Gardenhire mentioned after seeing the Dodgers/Diamondbacks fiasco of the past week that he hoped the A’s, upon clinching, didn’t swim in the Twins’ pool.

“…which is usually our dugout here,” he concluded.

+ “Just like dad always said, just keep your face on the ball, and everything will be fine OH GOD WHAT HAPPENED DAD YOU ARE AN IDIOT NO NO NO.”

+Check out the adorable, tear-stained reaction of the Canucks’ Hunter Shinkatuk’s parents after he scores his first NHL goal.

+ The Washington Post is through grieving and onto the delirious "laughter" phase of the Redskins and RGIII starting the season 0-3.

+ Are you one of the countless baseball fans who love the game, but remain terrified of the team logos? Finally, there is a solution for you, in the form of a series of less intimidating MLB logos.

+ Hey, who wants to listen to Scott Boras' ideas about how the World Series should be played at a neutral site? 

+The Bears scored 24 points off the Steelers last night on turnovers alone. Dan Rooney did not have a good time at the game.