LeBron James fine after knocking Jimmy Butler down, getting kicked in head

- LeBron, no! You're not wearing a mask anymore! When you do things, people can see who you are!

- Thanks, Phil; you know, we almost had to cancel archery practice before you volunteered to the the arrow-holder.

- Hey, you never know how many aging outfielders your team is going to need during its World Series run.

- Andrew Bynum knows there is no place that wants confirmation that he is completely healthy more than Philadelphia.

- Hey, who's s*** is this?

- Once this state representative, Pat Garofolo from Minnesota, is no longer employed, there will be 100% less racism in Minnesota state rep tweets regarding the NBA.

Don't worry, Garofolo has his reasons for what he said.

- To rinse another ignorant poltician out of your brain, enjoy this video of a dachsund playing with an inflatable shark.

- LeBron's involved in anaother soap opera, so you're probably not going to catch much Iditarod footage on Sports Center.

- You hate Wichita State, because you're human. But what you don't know is that you're also the driving force behind their success.

- Rashard Mendenhall has gone from my first round fantasy draft pick in 2010 that everyone laughed at to retired at 26 years old. His impact on my self-confidence will not soon be forgotten.

- What the Dodgers have put into the team financially, they had to take out of the locker room budget, so now Hanley Ramirez's locker is inside Juan Uribe's.