LeBron James blames sleeves for what is clearly his downward spiraling career

- LeBron James had the second worst night of shooting in his entire career last night, in the wake of his 61-point performance just a few games ago, which begs the question: When will the NBA fix their rampant sleeve problem?

- And when will the Red Sox fix their rampant smokeless tobacco problem, the worst locker room issue they've ever had?!

- Ah, the wonder of being a young Phillies prospect in the spring, living in constant terror that your friends will turn on you the second you close your eyes.

- They say the best way to win is not to play. Which is accurate for war simulators, but maybe not sports.

- Eli Manning FINALLY got on stage with Better Than Ezra. Those two were the "Jim and Pam" of NFL quarterbacks and bands people forget they listened to in the '90s. 

BONUS JOKE: Better Than Ezra was actually the opening act for Better Than Eli, a jam band made up of most NFL quarterbacks.

- Times are tough for NCAA Division I basketball, where the referees have to double as the security guards, I guess.

- The Rays, baseball's coven of highly intelligent sorcerors, have already begun plotting just how to use the new MLB replay system to their advantage.

- The Phillies wasted another offseason signing players to be on the team instead of talented calligraphers from the Dark Ages to pen the lineup cards. They just don't "get" this blue collar town.

- Hey, are you a fan of the Seahawks? Well, instead of buying a jersey with your favorite player's name on it, why not buy a jersey with "12th man" on it, because that's you! Look, just buy a jersey and we won't have a problem.

- For deep social introspection, we of course turn to Twitter, which tells us that the Titans would be the NFL team least excited to have Michael Sam join them.