Lavoy Allen hits on actress Stacey Dash over Romney's defeat

Lavoy Allen and Stacey Dash (AP Photos)

Sure, this isn't the most hard-hitting story to come out of Tuesday's election, but it could be the funniest.

Former Temple star and current Sixers big man Lavoy Allen was upset last night when word came down that his choice for president, Mitt Romney, had been defeated by Barack Obama.

Looking for someone to commiserate with, Allen took to Twitter and hit up fellow Romney supporter, actress Stacey Dash, best known for her role in Clueless. I'm not sure if the two know each other, or if Allen was trying out the Twitter version of a cold-call, but here is what he said:

This alone would be funny. But it gets better.

As of now, Dash has not responded to Allen. Sorry, Lavoy, but maybe she isn't into younger men. Dash, 46 (!!!), is twice as old as Allen, 23. And he was only six years old when Clueless came out in 1995.