Kevin Kolb continues journey to somewhere

Quarterback Kevin Kolb speaks during a press conference after signing with the Buffalo Bills NFL football team, in Orchard Park, N.Y., Monday, April 8, 2013. (AP Photo/Doug Benz)

One NFL quarterback arrived with his new team and announced his intention to win the Super Bowl. Looking at this past headlines, he certainly seems to have the narrative of a championship-caliber player.

He piled up awards and records as a college athlete.

After breaking into the NFL, his team willingly extended his stay on their roster for $12.26 million.

Before his deal was even up, he was fantasizing about where his next payday would be.

The next year, three teams viciously collided over who got to sign him to start for them.

He wound up getting a generous five-year, multimillion dollar contract.

Most recently, the Jets had to decide whether to sign him or wait and see if they could draft some young at the same position.

But he landed with their divisional rival Bills, and promptly made his presence known.

That's right, after a long, lucrative ride, former Eagles backup QB and briefly Eagles starting QB Kevin Kolb is confident he can win a Super Bowl.  With the Buffalo Bills.