Kevin Durant doesn't destroy the Sixers as hard as expected

- Kevin Durant had some pretty high expectations attached to him last night.

Sadly, he only dropped 42 points and the Thunder only destroyed the Sixers by 30 points.

- It also didn't help that it took Russell Westbrook about the length of a Family Guy epsiode to get a triple-double.

- A Rangers writer says that Ian Kinsler's negative comments about Texas GM Jon Daniels and the rest of the team come from Kinsler being as self-absorbed as A-Rod. I think we can consider this matter closed. When has a player ever been self-absorbed? And when has a reporter ever seen an opportunity to crap on a player that scorned him once? 

Case closed.

- I'll put anything here that shows the Cardinal Way is all about drugs and porn.

- That wacky wacko Brian Wilson of the Dodgers might throw a knuckleball now! And you know what they say when a wacky player is being their wacky self! That's just Brian Wilson being Brian Wilson! Or, as CBS Sports put it:

"...Brian Wilson behaving in a manner befitting Brian Wilson ..."


- Well, the NHL trade deadline is coming up, and everybody's looking to pitch in!

- At one point, the Flyers determined Ilya Bryzgalov's value to be $51 million. This week, the Minnesota Wild determined it to be a fourth round draft pick.

- This used to be an old school city, where we filled the streets with drunk lunatics WITHOUT needing a world championship.