John McCain shames Diamondbacks beat writer for not voting Paul Goldschmidt MVP

"YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND." (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Nick Piecoro is the Diamondbacks beat writer for Nick Piecoro gets an NL MVP vote. Nick Piecoro did not vote for candidate Paul Goldschmidt, who was considereed one of the league's best players during a breakout season.

Without getting into the whole "WHAT DOES 'VALUE' MEAN TO YOU?" shenanigans MVP voters try to explain every year, Piecoro felt that Andrew McCutchen was more entitled to the honor. He explained this in a post today, but none of it was enough to quell the old man-shame given off by Senator John McCain.

You write for an Arizona-based publication, son! To not vote for the guy from the Arizona team is borderline treason!