A Sixers mop boy feels the wrath of Joey Crawford

Referee Joe Crawford barks at the Indiana Pacers bench during a preseason NBA basketball game against the Cleveland Cavaliers Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

NBA referee Joey Crawford likes to exert his control over a game. He famously ejected Tim Duncan for laughing (which led to this glorious photo), and tends to toss out techs at the drop of a dime. In short, Crawford’s on-court attitude is old hat. However, he took it to a new level in Philadelphia last week.

Crawford was patrolling the Sixers sideline during a recent game against the Cavaliers when we were exposed to one of his episodes. This time though, the subject wasn’t a San Antonio Spur, or even a player at all. Instead it was a mop boy, who didn’t clean up a spilled sideline substance to Crawford’ satisfaction.

As is his style, Crawford shared a piece of his mind with the mop boy. In fact, if he could have, Crawford would have ejected him.