Joe Girardi has A-Rod's back

This Alex Rodriguez thing is going to get weird, pretty quick. In the case of Everyone vs. A Player, it seems that nobody can see his side of the story as easily as his own team and their fans.

But it can be said that nobody hates A-Rod as much as Yankees fans, except maybe baseball writers, but his team and manager will apparently come to his aid in the face of technically unprovoked hostility.


So here’s Joe Girardi screaming and swinging his fist in slow motion in response to his third baseman getting a spine-tickler from Ryan Dempster.

Good for Joe, being a professional, despite how much he may secretly want to just have a baseball team that plays baseball.

Then… the added bonus:

[Business Insider]

And here’s video of the incident in its entirety:

Oh no, that wasn’t A-Rod getting beaned and stuff, it was a corgi puppy learning to walk up the stairs!  How did that happen! Ah well.


Jeremy Lin is really letting all that fame go to his head. 

Je… Jeremy Lin.  He plays for the Rockets.


Some say the "kick in the face" is the "home run" of MMA fighting. Travis Browne hit a walkoff shot last night off the face of Alistair Overeem.



Last night featured a Diamondbacks-Pirates game that went a mere 16 innings – not even two entire baseball games in a row – but that doesn’t mean it didn’t turn the official scorebook into unintelligible gibberish. 

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