Joe Flacco's new home is Mile High

  • NFL season is right around the corner! The telltale signs are all there; pumpkin ales appearing on draft lists, jerseys becoming commonplace on the street, and Joe Flacco banners are posted all over the Denver Broncos stadium.

  • The Pirates got John Buck and Marlon Byrd yesterday, so they’re feeling bold enough to make their intentions with Justin Morneau known. Woooo, easy, Pirates; this is a family show.
  • Sometimes, a man's just got to stop following you on Twitter.

  • Shane Victorino had a great night last night, which feels dirtier to say, since it’s not anytime before July 2012.
  • There’s gold in them there hills, Edward Mujica.


  • Sir Patrick Stewart has honored the internet with yet another acting lesson, showcasing the magnitude of his thespian work.