Jimmy Rollins won't go to Detroit even after not being asked to go to Detroit

- Well it's not like Jimmy Rollins is the only guy who doesn't want to go to Detroit. In fact, he hasn't even been asked to go. 

- Baseball is canceled, everyone. Yes, forever. Stop crying.

As predicted, Barry Bonds' appearance at Giants training camp has brought out a whining curmudgeon who has been hired to turn his mutterings into newspaper columns.

- The City Six mascot appeared simultaneously in a blurry flash, stared ominously at people eating brunch, then disappeared. March Madness!

- St. Joseph's coach Phil Martelli comes with a miniature version.

- The Mets are celebrating St. Patrick's Day by bending to the whim of this evil leprechaun who killed Mr. Met and took his place.

- The Mets also look to move their minor league affiliate far, far away from where the big club plays.

- No... no one do it. Take this advice instead.

- Unfortunately, not every team gets to make the NCAA March Madness bracket, ad unfortunately, some of those teams are in front of a camera when they find out.

- It's Spring Training for baseballs, too.