Jerry Seinfeld shocked, horrified by booing

"Booing" seems a simple concept, but it is at times debated so hotly that one would think it actually had an affect on games or players or anything.

Sure, it might upset someone in the short term. But you'd think a professional athlete would be able to overcome such very small obstacles. And as fans, with so little ability to affect anything, it's one of the few ways we feel like we're getting our point across.

This concept is lost on Jerry Seinfeld, who was so rattled by the booing of Mets fans during All-Star introductions of their division rivals that he used words like "embarrassed," "horrible," and "Taliban."

Seinfeld even went as far as to take a shot at Philly, telling Steve Somers of WFAN to "name another city they would do that in besides Philly."

Then he added that fans didn't boo in 2008, when the game was held at Yankees Stadium.

Good point, except they did boo. I'm sure Chase Utley remembers. It led video to him saying a word that, well, is not safe for work, and was picked up on the live broadcast.

While you may not agree with his stance, at least he's consistent. Here's a clip from his show: