Jayson Stark projects Mets, Marlins to ruin NL East

Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria sees blue skies ahead! (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

I'm sure we all remember where we were when Deep Throat's true identity was revealed; when scientists announced they had put human brain cells inside of mice; when every team in the NL East finished with a record over .500.

What a year 2005 was. It was the last time the NL East was in such spectacular shape. The years that followed saw various examples of humiliating implosions, uncontainable explosions, and emotional erosion up and down the eastern time zone.

Jayson Stark of ESPN has done us the favor of ranking baseball by division going into 2013, and one division is once again expected to feature five winners.

The NL East is not that division.

No, it is the highly touted AL East, which features a now playoff-caliber Orioles team and a highly-stacked Blue Jays team, surrounded by the residual talent and insufferable luck of the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays. What a year it shall be for them.

Meanwhile, their NL counterparts are predicted to be pulled down by the Marlins and Mets, both of whom have an over 30 percent chance to lose 100 games.

The Nationals and Braves, however, have been slotted to win at least 90, whereas the Phillies are generously blessed with the assumption that they will improve on their 81-81 2012 season and finish above .500.

Although the NL East was ranked third, it was the top ranked National League division, with the Phillies playing that all-too important role of the "third competitive team," which most divisions lower in the standings seem to lack.


  1. AL East
  2. AL West
  3. NL East 
  4. NL West
  5. NL Central
  6. AL Central
It would probably be a noted point of pride if this was all actually, you know, a thing.