Jaworski: Eagles' Vick ranks 25th among NFL quarterbacks

Eagles QB Michael Vick. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Apparently, former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski is just a little confused, at least when it comes to the Birds' current QB, Michael Vick.

Jaws is in the process of unveiling his 2013 QB Rankings for ESPN, and it didn't take him long to get to Vick, who has fallen to No. 25 after a 4-12 season in 2012. Going into last season, Jaworski had Vick ranked 12th, so that's quite a fall.

Thanks to ESPN's communications office, here's a transcript of what Jaworski said during his breakdown:

“Michael Vick checks in at No. 25 in my quarterback rankings. Vick is coming off of a disappointing 2012 season, but all will be different in Philadelphia with a new head coach in Chip Kelly. And I’m certain of one thing – Vick is the most talented quarterback on the Eagles roster.

Vick remains a dynamic player with top-level arm strength and unmatched movement ability to extend plays with his legs. Few can spin it as well as number 7, especially on the run. Kelly will look at Vick and see a multidimensional quarterback that can pressure a defense in a variety of ways.

Vick can get to the edge and outflank the defense, he can beat you from the pocket with an explosive vertical arm that can lift the top off the coverage, and he presents multiple options in the red zone with his movement. The concern of course, is turnovers. Vick had far too many in 2012. Fifteen of them in 10 games; four of those 15 came in the red zone.

Here’s the positive as the Eagles transition to Kelly’s shotgun, spread attack. Vick was outstanding in the two-minute offense last season with a quarterback rating of 98.

I am going to be fascinated to see Michael Vick in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo-speed offense. My initial sense is it will fit Vick very well, less volume offensively, but also defensively. I would not be surprised if Vick ends the season better than my 25th-rated quarterback.”

Here are the quarterbacks ranking below Vick:

32. Matt Flynn
31. Jake Locker
30. Kevin Kolb
29. Chad Henne
28. Mark Sanchez
27. Christian Ponder
26. Brandon Weeden

That means that these quarterbacks will be ranked ahead of Vick: Ryan Tannehill, Blaine Gabbert, Josh Freeman, Carson Palmer, and Jay Cutler.

I don't have a huge problem with where he's ranked because of the regime change in Philly and a bad showing in 2012 and rankings, in general, are stupid and don't mean anything.

However, it seems lower than it should be, especially considering Jaws recent praise of Vick.

"I am really excited to see Michael Vick in 2012," Jaws said on ESPN, per Rotoworld. "A more disciplined player will result in fewer turnovers. I would not be surprised if we're getting ready to see the best year of Vick's 10-year career."

Then how are there 24 quarterbacks better than Vick?

At his best, he's certainly capable of being an MVP-type quarterback. He hasn't been at that level since 2010, so I understand the low ranking. But Jaws has offered other endorsements of Vick recently:

On June 30, Jaws mentioned Vick as one of the strongest arms in the NFL.

On May 10th, Jaws offered this assessment:

"The day Chip Kelly was hired, he was going to be wowed by Michael Vick. ... Who would you rather have as your movement quarterback besides Michael Vick? Probably no one. He may not be the guy at 33 that he was at 23 but he still has tremendous quick twitch."

And back in December 2012, when many thought Vick would be gone once the season ended, he said this:

“You can’t take away the interceptions, the fumbles, the turnovers. But if you look at his improvement from last year to this year; you look at the improvement from 2010 to 2011 to 2012, I saw significant improvement in Michael Vick’s game. I still believe there’s quality play left in Michael Vick."

So which is it Jaws? I don't care either way, but can you make up your mind already?