James Harrison Might Think Crew of 'Hard Knocks' is at Bengals Camp to Try Out

HBO - probably kicking themselves after Chip Kelly's quirky playbook and Riley Cooper's whole mess - selected the Bengals to the the stars of their series 'Hard Knocks' this season.

Meanwhile, the Steelers selected linebacker James Harrison to no longer be a star of their football team.

Harrison got picked up by the Bengals, and therefore dropped in front of HBO's cameras and crew, whom he has determined do not 'deserve' to be at Bengals training camp:

"I don't feel they deserve to be here. They did nothing to be here other than they want to be here. They didn't put no blood, sweat and tears into [any] of this."

Entrance to all Bengals games this season will include a free bucket so that you can emit enough fluids for James Harrison's liking.