Jake Peavy super excited about duck boat purchase

FINALLY, something for Jake Peavy's family to be proud of. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Those quirky Red Sox paraded around Boston on duck boats with beards on them, and pitcher Jake PEavy thought they were so dandy he took one home with him to Alabama. In exchange for $75,000.

It was technically Jonny Gomes' idea, after he caught a glimpse of Peavy's sprawling ranch down south. But Peavy immediately bought into it, plans to decorate it painting "Boston Strong" and other World Series imagery on it, and now he is the extremely proud owner of thew newest Peavy family legacy.

“We’re going to keep it forever. My grandchildren are going to be showing that duck boat to their grandchildren. Long after I’m gone, that duck boat is going to be in my family to remind them of one of the happiest days of my life. They’ll know about the highlight of my professional career.”

--Steve Buckley, Boston Herald

"That's my great great grandfather's duck boat," said an eye-rolling teenage relative of Jake Peavy in the distant future. "I think he won something one time. Anyway, maybe we can use that to escape from the sentient drones."