Jadeveon Clowney continues to not make things easy for himself later

(Jordan Babineaux via Twitter)

UPDATE: Clowney's official time wound up being 4.53.

- Jadeveon Clowney just ran a 4.47 at the NFL Combine, which solidifies his future role as the most disappointing/ed college player ever.

It sadly, probably needs to be said that the above tweet is a parody, but also a reflection of what will likely be a real tweet in the weeks to come.

- Derek Jeter is going to get a lot of presents this year. A lot. Some will be lame. Others will be super lame. Here is a list of guesses as to what lame things Jeter will hold in his lame hands.

- Who would have thought that a man who could have the "worst tools in baseball" would only be several years removed from starting in the Phillies' outfield?

- Reds slugger Jay Bruce thinks Billy Hamilton be able to outrun a motorcycle. Chances are the Reds will not test this theory.

- Their Cincinnati teammate, Brandon Phillips, is quickly getting back into playing shape, however.

- White Sox broadcaster is one of the final hold-outs from modern baseball statistics, preferring to use his eyes and guts and whatever cliche is now to judge a player. Which is why what the White Sox have planned for 2014 may actually destroy him.

- The Miami Heat: basketball's most boring, predictable franchise.

- Who would have thought the Red Bull Crashed Ice event would feature the Best Replication of a Poster for a Ninja Turtles Movie?

- Happy trails, Jacky G.