Iverson to the Knicks?

Allen Iverson screams after being called for a charge in the 4th qt. dnphoto/Reynolds

Reports are surfacing all over the place that New York could be the next stop for Allen Iverson.

A source tells the New York Times that the Knicks are "going to make the biggest play for him."

Per the New York Daily News, the Heat are also in the mix.

"We wouldn't be considering it if we thought we were functioning well and we're not," Knicks president Donnie Walsh told Newsday. "And I want to make sure if we do something like this it's the right thing to do."

Iverson has to clear waivers by 6 p.m. Thursday. Then teams are free to sign him. While some reports indicate that the Knicks could make a move immediately, Ric Bucher of ESPN Tweets that a source tells him it won't happen until this weekend's games.

In case you want to jump the gun and look WAY ahead, the Knicks play in Philly two more times this season -- Jan. 13 and March 15.

Thanks to the sweet tool on Pro Basketball Reference, I was able to look up some of AI's most memorable performances at the Garden while he was with the Sixers. Iverson played there 19 times, averaging 25.8 points per game, below his overall career average of 27.0.

In 2006, he dropped 47 on the Knicks in a Sixers win. His worst performance there was probably in 2004 when Iverson went 2-for-21, finishing with just 11 points.

The Inquirer's Kate Fagan got Larry Brown's comments on Iverson in a piece in today's paper.

And the Daily News' Phil Jasner wrote a great piece on AI last week.