IronPigs unveil new bacon-smelling t-shirt technology

Last week, we theorized that the IronPigs' ambiguous #SmellTheChange campaign had to do with both smelling and bacon, and now we are proud to say that we nailed it.

The Phillies' AAA affiliate in Lehigh Valley has unveiled the new best minor league team hats in the country.

A strip of bacon, sizzling quietly on a cap. Its brilliant simplicity gives the team a catchy new alternate get-up, but stays fun enough that no one suddenly remembers that having the logo be a pig one year and a strip of bacon the next kind of signifies that something awful has happened in between.

But no matter! Just wait until you smell the shirts.

Yes, from the team that brought you the video game you can play with your pee comes a scratch and sniff t-shirt celebrating the new logo and reminding you what bacon smells like.

As usual, whatever the 'Pigs wanted us to smell, we're smelling it. Don't worry, the old hats are still around, just slightly tweaked so the pig is closer to facing you, wondering what you find so endearing about the deaths of his brethren.