IronPigs join Phillies in having only one All-Star

Chase Utley will be all alone in a fancy Phillies cap in Minneapolis at the All-Star Game, but what he is not alone in is being the sole member of his team selected for the All-Star Game.


Look, the point is, the Phillies' poor season has also been reflected by their farm system, the teams in which are having mediocre-at-best years. But yet another instance of a parallel with the big club is that the Triple-A All-Star Game in Durham will feature one single Lehigh Valley IronPig: relief pitcher Luis Garcia.

Garcia has poked up in the Majors from time to time when change in the Phillies bullpen is needed but they don't have the means to seek help from anywhere but their own stagnant farm system. In 31.1 IP for the Phillies last season, Garcia pitched to a 3.73 ERA, walking and striking out 23. This season, his 5.2 IP at the Major League level have seen that ERA absorb a slight uptick to 12.71.

But Garcia isn't going to the MLB All-Star Game, he's going to the Triple A ASG. And that is because in 26.2 innings of relief pitching, Garcia has allowed two earned runs (0.68 ERA). His walk total is less than his strikeout total (11 BB, 24 SO). And, apparently, he is the best player on the fifth place, 43-46 Lehigh Valley roster. 

Likely, he will see some action with the Phillies again in the second half and get a crack at trimming that double digit ERA as the team plays out the stretch. It's only July! It's only July.