Howard and Utley's cartoon conversation

Unlike last season, Ryan Howard will be at spring training. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Throughout any given season, baseball players share a ton of time with their teammates. Just between long bus trips and down time in the dugout, there is no shortage of opportunities for players to converse with each other.    

Have you ever wondered what players talk about during all of this time away from the action of the game?

Do they open up to each other?

Do they discuss their dreams?

Or, do they keep it pretty basic and stick mainly to baseball?

Well, according to this cartoon conversation between Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, players are okay with opening up to each other and sharing their dreams. 

The video, entitled Baseball Friends, takes "real audio" from Howard and Utley and turns it into cartoon conversation between the two. 

Hopefully this season their conversations will center around getting the Phillies back to the World Series.