How accurate are your favorite mock drafts?

NBA Commissioner David Stern, left, shakes hands with UNLV's Anthony Bennett, who was selected first overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA basketball draft, Thursday, June 27, 2013, in New York. (Jason DeCrow/AP)

Mock drafts are a funny thing. Fans read them religiously leading up to draft day, hoping to garner the most accurate information from their selected source. They are studied, critiqued, and criticized only to be all but forgotten directly after the draft.

Despite a pretty common curiosity, the effort is not often put in to go back and assess the accuracy of a mock after draft day is done. Either people are too busy assessing the picks and how they fit with their new franchises, or they just don't feel like putting in the work. Either way, critiquing a mock draft after the draft has already occurred is not a common occurrence.

Luckily, this year the work was done for us. The NBA-related site Weak Side Awareness compiled a list comparing and ranking over 250 2013 NBA mock drafts from across the internet, using an explained mathematical system.

This year’s draft proved especially difficult to predict, as only 4 (!!) out of the 263 compiled mocks correctly predicted Anthony Bennett’s selection at #1 overall.

While ours was not one of the mocks that had Bennett pegged as the first pick, we are pleased to report that both’s 3.0 edition, written by myself, and the Inquirer’s mock draft, which was written by Tyler Tynes finished in the top 25%.

In the final list of 263 mock drafts, the Tynes came in at 64th overall, while landed at 65th.

The fact that someone spent the time to compile this in-depth list is pretty impressive, as it is a nice tool to see how accurate your favorite mock drafts actually are.

Check out the full list here.