Hero cat will throw out first pitch for Bakersfield Blaze

- You've probably seen the video of Tara, the hero cat that saved a little boy from a dog attack.

But what you've never seen is a hero cat throwing out the first pitch of a baseball game, which Tara will do for the Bakersfield Blaze.

- It was a bold choice, for the Cubs to celebrate Comiskey Park during a celebration of Wrigley Field.

- Another bold choice for the Cubs: trying to field the ball without seeing it.

- If MLB were to expand to two more cities, where would you put them? The Sporting News says Las Vegas and Montreal. Say, why not bring baseball back to Louisville!

- This gift to Derek Jeter is widely considered not a massive screw-up. Good on you, Mets.

- With Jose Fernandez sidelined with Tommy John, Carlos Gomez of the Brewers is your new most fun MLB player.

- Look, if Jack Nicholson wants to talk to a child, he'll talk with a child. Not today, though.

- NHL player T.J. wants to be in the next Madden game, and he's got a video tryout to do it. Yes, apparently all non-NFL players can do that?

- We close with a nice, relaxing celebration of a soccer goal by Brazilians wielding AR-47s.