Heat awarded annual championship rings

+ And now for the most anticipated, beloved moment in all of sports, the annual ceremony in which the Miami Heat receive their Championship Rings. Which can be summed up pretty much with this.

+ The AL Gold Gloves were handed out last night, but honestly, who even cares.

+ Can anyone even remember what J.A. Happ looked like anymore?

+ The Flyers did that thing where they watch a lead turn into a tie and then a loss last night, but the game wasn't without an even worse atrocity either, as the Ducks' Teemu Selanne took a stick to the face.

+ The Sixers debut that new roster tonight (the one that tested the limits of technology when its odds of winning the NBA Championship were calculated) and for those of you saying they don't have the experience or skill to compete, maybe check out those Orlando Magic.

The Sixers, on the other hand, employ fringe players of all ages.

+ I learn so much better when things are in 8-bit, making this history of baseball tree all the more productive for me. I now know everything about baseball. Wait a second. Chickens can't fly. What is the San Diego Chicken doing all the way up there?! THIS IS A CRIME AGAINST NATURE.

+ Jermichael Finley says that he will "of course" return to football when he is healthy. As if it was ridiculous to ask a man with a family if he'd want to re-live this.

+Hey, why don't we check in with the Heat again, as they start the season off against the Bulls and LeBron James checks to see if he can still do that "Invisible Pass" he invented.