Harvard has easy way for you to determine who you want to win the Super Bowl

You probably think you know who you want to win the Super Bowl.

  • The Broncos, with their monstrous offense and their Peyton Mannings.
  • The Seahawks, with their widespread youth and oppressive defense.
  • Nobody, because this is really more of a "midwinter sadness" party to lift my spirits while awaiting sunshine.

Personally, I want the Broncos to win, because Peyton Manning is great, and because the image of Pete Carroll raucously cheering after Golden Tate's non-touchdown beat the Packers at the end of the replacement ref era makes me clench my teeth to the point that dentists tell me one day my upper jaw will go into my brain.

But it's the brain that is making your choices in the first place - choices you may not even realize you've made. Harvard University has an Implicit Association Test to determine, based on your reactionary answers to a test, the team you most closely associate with and therefore want to win the Super Bowl.

For example, I apparently do want the Seahawks to win.

That Pete Carroll, man. Guy's a genius.