Hint of Brett Favre news instantly becomes important ESPN story

With so many quarterbacks going down in the NFL, it was only a matter of time until somebody called one of the out-of-work guys who births a trillion headlines, like in a horror movie, when the egg hatches but instead of an adorable creature it's a swarm of alien parasite larva.

Transitioning seamlessly, we can address that Brett Favre, the Tim Tebow of a few years ago, but with way more talent and a way sharper downward spiral, has possibly been called by the St. Louis Rams to fill a quarterbacking position.

This was reported first by ESPN's Adam Schefter, who assures that the Worldwide Leader in Sports is about to become the Worldwide Leader in Favre, yet again.

Seriously, don't look away for a second, folks. That's when Favre happens.