Sixers can't even tank right

+ The Sixers kicked things off against the championship-defending Miami Heat, with their LeBron Jameses and their Chris Boshes and what have you. The plan was in place - this team won't win a lot, and they'll not win enough to score a hot draft pick. So, let's get ready to lose.





Okay, new plan: WIN EVERY GAME.

+ Meanwhile,

+ The Red Sox just won their third World Series in the last seven years, but FOX made you think it was a big deal because it was the first one at Fenway since 1918. 

John Lackey pitched his brains out. At a critical point, he had to demand to be left in.

Look at that grit! What scrappiness! What pure baseballing!

Lackey proceeded to walk a guy and load the bases and then John Farrell came trotting back out at a quicker pace without waiting to hear Lackey's argument this time.

+ Meanwhile, outside, the Boston police just happened to be pedaling by.

+ Jonny Gomes took the opportunity during his World Series post game interview to lambast sabermetrics, because apparently that's something that needs to happen. Jonny had a fun little line about WAR, and how players should want "to go to war with" him, which seemed weird, that he had a canned line ready for the situation.

+ The true nature of the Red Sox was also revealed in-game: CONSPIRACY.

+ The New Orleans Pelicans unveiled their new mascot to start the NBA season, and boy does everyone regret it.