Giants enthusiastically lose to Eagles

+ This is what a celebration looks like when you you’re pretty sure your 0-4 football team is definitely going to pull it off this time shortly before they become an 0-5 football team.


+ There's only one guy standing between the Dodgers and the NLCS - and he was once called a "huge boost" to the Phillies' rotation, which he proved by having an ERA under 6.00.

+ David Price is very sorry for but still not deleting this tweet that called TBS announcer “nerds,” which was the most offensive, accurate tweet of any player currently carrying not carrying his team through the playoffs.

+ The Presidents Cup isn't all about brilliant shots by Tiger Woods and nothing else happening, it's about streakers, like the one who scrambled in front of Fred Couples. Cameras, as they are everywhere, were there.

+ Tommy Lasorda was not pleased with Dodgers pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu when he missed the bag last night, allowing the Braves an extra baserunner and making it so the Dodgers only won by single digit runs.

+ Peyton Manning can’t be that good if Peyton Manning doesn’t even know how good Peyton Manning is.

+ And that was the weekend that Don Kelly of the Tigers developed his fear of hitting because it meant he’d have to stand in the on deck circle.

+ This is what letting the Olympic Torch go out and having to re-light it looks like, having happened in Russia, it was even less like the King of the Hill episode than you imagined.