Game time for Michael Vick

Michael Vick may just have a place in Chip Kelly’s offense after all.  But where his appearance is less debatable is in the new iPhone game, Mike Vick: Game Time, which he is definitely in. At least, he is definitely in the title.

The reviews are mostly positive, so there is no reason not to suit up and get in there for some classic four-on-four pigskin. 

 “We got a situation,” says the game. “Your team is down by 4 with 60 seconds left. Are you CLUTCH?!”

Sadly, somehow the game always ends with a back-breaking turnover and people screaming for Nick Foles.


This past April Fool’s Day, Netflix cruelly toyed with viewers with a “joke” that slapped the ‘new episode’ label on a couple of long-dead cult hits. Netflix clearly doesn’t… understand the… the effect that a show like ‘Firefly’ can have on a… a lost college freshman, reaching for the stars…

Anyway, in the wake of that clearly hilarious/traumatizing event, something like the return of ‘Arrested Development’ can seem like a fevered dream.

But here we are, getting hysterical in-joke tweets from Jeffrey Tambor

Not only that, but the posters for the show’s second coming have been released, featuring reference after reference that only true fans will get.

Of which there are many.

So I’m saying, if this turns out to be a joke again, then… it just, it better not be one.


We just got Phillies baseball back, and the cruel gods and/or schedulers took them away from us. Last night, we had to make do without them.

Fortunately, Philly Magazine recently published an article on Chase Utley for us to enjoy, entitled “The Real Chase Utley,” in which we learn that the Chase Utley we’ve all been admiring for years has a whole bunch of dark secrets.

For instance, did you know Chase Utley used to stare evilly at Shane Victorino until he started to play better? 

It’s true. And our theories that Utley has returned to a younger, hipper version of himself can be confirmed when we learn that he used that same unsettling death stare on Wednesday night – and someone was kind/alarmed enough to post it in .gif form.

Click that only if you’re prepared to feel like you should probably get back to work.