Fox Sports 1 show unveils 'Tebow Jar'

New England Patriots' Tim Tebow. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

The new Fox Sports 1 show Crowd Goes Wild introduced a new member to their cast this week; the Tebow Jar.

It is exactly what it sounds like, actually. It is literally a mason jar with a big Tebow Jar label. Basically, each time someone says Tim Tebow on the show, change goes in the jar. This is quite similar to the jar the roommates from the Fox show “New Girl”, staring Zoey DeChannel, have. 

But the money from the Tebow Jar then goes to charity, according to cast member Jason Day. 

Day acknowledged that the show could raise anywhere between $20 and $20 million depending on Tebow’s performance this season.

This sounds like something ESPN should look into doing. They could also have an A-Rod Jar, LeBron Jar, Sanchez Jar and the list goes on. They would be making the big bucks up in Bristol for charities if they implemented the idea there.

I'll check back later toward the end of the season and see how much money they have raised so far and possibly find out which charity gets the proceeds. For some reason, I feel like they are going to raise a decent amount of money with this Tebow Jar and I wish them luck.