Forbes lists Eagles as 15th most valuable sports franchise, Phillies ranked 41st

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel (left) and Eagles head coach Chip Kelly (right). (Yong Kim/Akira Suwa/Staff Photos)

Forbes released its annual list of the world's most valuable sports teams and the Eagles came in at No. 15, valued at $1.26 billion.

The Birds rank seventh among NFL teams, behind the Dallas Cowboys ($2.1 billion), the New England Patriots ($1.635 billion), the Washington Redskins ($1.6 billion), the New York Giants ($1.468 billion), the Houston Texans ($1.305 billion) and the New York Jets ($1.284 billion).

The Phillies came in at No. 41, valued at $893 million, ranking fifth among MLB teams. Ahead of the Phillies are the New York Yankees ($2.3 billion), the Los Angeles Dodgers ($1.615 billion), the Boston Red Sox ($1.312 billion) and the Chicago Cubs ($1 billion).


How do you think the Phillies will fare as they prepare to begin the second half of the season?

Topping the list is Real Madrid, valued at $3.3 billion.