Flyers almost went teal with alternate uniform in 1995

The '90s were a difficult time. The Flyers, too, were questioning things, as a story on Icethetics tells us.

In 1995, NHL teams were thinking about alternate third jerseys, why not them? And so, the Flyers were put in touch with graphic design wunderkind Ken Loh, who had successfully rebranded the New England Patriots during his final year at Cal State Long Beach.

When the smoke cleared, he presented the Flyers with this:


[Designs by Ken Loh, The Mednick Group, 1995]

Adding a new color, but successfully evading any overlap with a fellow Philadelphia team, was no easy task, so kudos to Loh achieving that.

But still, the Flyers decided to go in another direction. Loh, without direct contact with the team, never knew what the real story was. Two years later, they introduced the alternate black jersey. 

The Flyers will reveal a new third jersey in the coming months, according to Icethetics. We can only wait to see exactly how dramatic they are willing to go - but the buck apparently stops at "teal."

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