Did Floyd 'Money' Mayweather bet $6 million on Miami Heat?

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. reacts during a news conference, Wednesday, May 1, 2013, in Las Vegas. Mayweather will defend his WBCd welterweight title against Robert Guerrero on Saturday. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Boxing superstar Floyd “Money” Mayweather has a lot of, well, money. He also apparently has a lot of confidence in LeBron James and the Miami Heat as well.

According to the Vegas Gambling Steam, the undefeated boxer is betting nearly $6 million -- $5.9 million to be exact -- on the Miami Heat in Monday night’s Game 7 matchup with the Indiana Pacers. The exact amount of the wager however is in question, and it is unlikely that the public will ever see the exact number, unless Mayweather tweets out a picture of a winning ticket, as he has done in the past.

The good people at TheBigLead.com put it into perspective:

Obviously it’s impossible to completely shoot down this rumor, but I tried, anyway.

“I’ve been in Vegas for 15 years and I’ve talked to every major Sportsbook during that time,” RJ Bell of Pregame.com told me. “The biggest bet anyone has told me they’ve taken is $3 million. Without proof, I’m very skeptical about this Mayweather wager.” Bell wouldn’t go on the record with the Sportsbook that took the $3 million wager, or what the event was.

“It’s very hard to get that much money down, legitimately, in Las Vegas,” Chad Millman, who hosts the popular gambling podcast, Behind the Bets, told me. “A lot of people I have spoken to don’t think this is a legit bet. The line would move considerably. That alone makes me think that it is not legit.”

For Mayweather to cash in on the bet, whatever the amount, the Heat not only have to overcome Indiana and advance to the Finals, they also have to beat the Pacers by more than 7 in order to cover the spread.

The Heat have beat the Pacers by 1, 18, and 11 respectively so far this series, and the average margin of victory for each team has been slightly above nine.

Mayweather, who has been seen sitting courtside in Miami during the Eastern Conference Finals, apparently paid little attention to the Pacers impressive Game 6 performance while laying down his wager.

Mayweather is no doubt hoping to continue his trend of successful sports betting, but it is safe to assume that even if the Pacers pull off the upset, the world’s highest-earning athlete will live to bet another day.